the bird's eye view

a few of my favorite things


I love fall, everything about it. The crisp air, colorful leaves, sweaters, boots, football, and not to mention the food, oh the food. It could easily be said that fall is my favorite season. Which is why every year about this time I start wishing away summer. I get annoyed with the hot and humid weather, the mosquitos, and the weeds that just won’t stop growing.

My desire for the next season blinds me to the goodness in the current season. And then it dawned on me, I do this in almost every area of life. Instead of being thankful for and enjoying where God has me now, I whine and complain that I’m not where I dream of being.

I can only imagine the goodness, particularly the goodness of God, that I’ve missed while dreaming of the next season, whether its with kids, house, car, clothes, body, relationships, etc. I often need a refresher course in why the season I’m in is just plain good. So here’s to remembering the greatness of summer and to remembering to be thankful for where I am.