the bird's eye view

this boy


No, my posts will not always involve our children. This is just what has been on my mind and my heart lately. This boy has been teaching me a lot. Before he was born we used to call him T-bird. Since then, we’ve gone through several nicknames. Currently, I’m stuck on crazy boy child.

T-bird is 3 1/2 and is instantly ready to tackle the world the moment he wakes up. Age 3 has been a tough age for me, I really enjoyed age 2, but 3 has put up some epic tantrums (both by boy and momma).

While there have been some major battle of wills, there have also been so many sweet moments. Sadly though, it’s easy for me to dwell on the bad attitudes and forget about how sweet this boy is. Which is why I love taking pictures. On the tough days, it helps me to have a visual reminder.

This boy can be crazy, loud, and a tad bit too rough at times. But he is also gentle, fearless, and so loving. He views everyone as a potential friend, even strangers in the grocery store. And can melt my heart with his servant’s heart. On several occasions, while I’m getting his brother up for the day, he has gotten breakfast ready for all of us.

Yet, I’m reminded daily that we all have sin in our hearts, we are not innately good people. The tantrums (again, by both boy and momma) are caused by the sin nature we are all born with. And there’s nothing like a toddler to remind me just how sinful I am. Yet, by God’s crazy grace, He made a way for me to be rescued. And it is our job as Christians to share and portray God’s love for those who don’t know.

God has entrusted me with this little soul. It is not my job to make sure that he enters into a life giving relationship with Christ; that is a decision I can not make for him. But it is my job to be an example of God’s grace and mercy to him, to show him what it truly means to follow Christ. And that is something I am not great at, but am continuing to learn how to do.