the bird's eye view

what am i doing here?


Good question. This site only exists because of my hunk of a husband. He sees potential in me and gently pushes me until I can see it for myself. I am a people pleasing perfectionist who’s afraid of failure (no, I’m not exactly proud of that). I rarely try something new unless I know there is a high percentage of success. So this whole thing is a bit scary for me.

My name is Sarah Cardinal (yes, just like the bird) I’m a wife and momma bird to three, one in heaven and two crazy boys here with us (well, one crazy one currently, but I’m sure the other will be following his brother’s footsteps as soon as he can walk and talk), and two crazy, lazy pups. No matter what stage of life you’re in, life has a way of becoming a mundane mess. Even craziness can become mundane after a while.

Too often I find myself getting blinded by the fog of everyday life. Instead of burying my head deeper into the fog, I have to find ways to step back and see the everyday miracles. Photography helps me do just that. When I’m able to see things frozen in time it reminds me of how beautiful and scary yet amazing life is. It gives you a sort of bird’s eye view 🙂 It might possibly give you a glimpse into how God sees your crazy, beautiful, imperfect life. And if there’s one thing that this people pleasing, failure fearing perfectionist is learning, it’s that striving for perfection drives you crazy. There’s only one, THE one, who has lived perfectly. And because of Jesus Christ I have freedom from perfection, because He is perfect on my behalf.

My desire is to use this site to expose God’s grace in the everyday moments. I hope to capture raw life, revealing the beauty of this crazy, mundane world. I will do my best to not fill every post with pictures of my kids. There’s bound to be some as they are the ones I spend most of my time with. I’m also hoping to learn to be ok with imperfections as I learn how to fail. Because even if I fail, at least it means I tried.