he sees you

I don’t know the exact number, but I think it’s somewhere in the billion region when it comes to the amount of people living on this earth. It’s easy to feel as if I’ve become invisible, even to myself. We all have a desire to be seen and understood by someone. How easy it is for … Continue reading he sees you

he is good

As promised, much too long ago, the first truth that God continued to whisper to me as I had the privilege to experience Japan with my dad. He is good. With all that has happened in this world, even just within the last month, this may seem to be a ridiculous statement. But I will … Continue reading he is good


I’ve been silent on here for a long time, so long in fact that I had trouble finding my own blog. I’d say it’s about time to get back at it; so, here goes nothing… Many of you may know that I had the privilege of touring Japan for ten days with my dad. He … Continue reading silence

this boy

No, my posts will not always involve our children. This is just what has been on my mind and my heart lately. This boy has been teaching me a lot. Before he was born we used to call him T-bird. Since then, we’ve gone through several nicknames. Currently, I’m stuck on crazy boy child. T-bird is 3 … Continue reading this boy